There are big marketing wins out there waiting to be discovered.  Go get them.

Can Rich Dad, Poor Dad logic apply to staffing agencies and their marketing efforts?

Can subtle shifts in thinking give you the Rich Dad lift?   Or, are you doomed, as the old industry adage goes, to a fate in which half your budget is wasted but you don't know which half?

Those questions come to mind when I look at staffing websites.   When I look, for example, at big staffing company websites, I see tons of dollars spent on graphics and interfaces that, however hard they may have tried, still seem clunky and retro.  

How about your website?   Are you still pissing away cash on it?


Of course, you say.  After all, the experts say mobile is where it's at and that Google is rejigging their rankings to favor mobile sites!  And those millennials are using their smart phones - not desktops, not Yellow Pages - to find jobs.  So we have to hurry, hurry, hurry!   Quick, let's be first to market with a mobile website whatever the cost!

Sad.  Wrong.  Wasteful.  

If you want more - more candidates, more customers, more branding, more profit - website 

That's right, the marketing game has been upended, very few of your biggest competitors are doing these things well.   

Google Business Page

A Google Business Page (GBP, a telling if not serendipitous acronym if there ever was one) is your fastest and best ticket to better marketing.  

It's the page that anyone trying to find your business through Google maps will likely first hit.   Make sure your address, your business hours, and your core business message is clear and correct.  Use a video to tell people what kind of jobs you have and what kind of candidates you are looking for.   This all sounds like common sense but very few of your competitors including your biggest ones are taking the time to do this right.

GPBs are a bit of pain to set up.  They involve getting a postcard of all things from Google, but do it and give it all the security precaution you can.  Staffing owners, you should make sure the account that your page gets registered under is your own Google account.   

Want more info?  There are plenty of articles out there about GBPs but Google's Business Page site is where I would start.


Although a lot of agencies get great input from rank and file staff for their Facebook pages, you can get great ROI by getting owners and top executives involved in the action.

Consider that organizations as large and once dominant as the New York Times are now publishing directly to Facebook.   Consider also that the Facebook keeps on gaining prominence over Amazon, LinkedIn and, as I've mentioned, proprietary websites, as the place your wider market hangs out and checks up on you.

Facebook is continuing to evolve, and staying up to date on how to best leverage it can be a full time job.   I've found that using video and some of the lesser known aspects of its API can deliver a magnitude of order better results.  My advice is to jump in and start trying things. 


NAP is an acronym for Name-Address-Phone.  Getting your correct contact info out to as many reliable, heavily visited sites as possible makes you all the more easy to do business with.   Here's a link to 50 top citation sites you should consider using (h/t Tamar Weinberg and SearchEngineLand).


A lot of your competitors including your biggest competitors are still operating as if they had control over all their messaging and are mistakenly spending heavily on proprietary mobile websites that no amount of money will allow them to keep current.

Instead, there is good news for startups and those willing to take a fresh look.  The good news is that the best technology is all free today.

There are big wins out there waiting to be discovered.  Go get them.