[after doing this post I came across a great write-up on the content vs. design session by Ryan Markel]

The stream from SXSW, the big high school-like tech and music conference going on in Austin, certainly has no small number of critics not the least of which is @ScrewYouSXSW who is a tad – just a tad – disheartened that her husband didn’t take her along.

Myself after reading all the tweets about people not finding a decent hotel, standing in line for an hour to get a Starbucks and otherwise looking for naughty entertainment, couldn’t help chiming in.

But really I do wish I were down there if only to hear the latest about what’s going on with content management systems.  A year ago I went with Umbraco for the Tempworks website, and now after seeing just how clever WordPress Thesis is am painfully aware how much we’ve been missing.

.  But the reality is of course that most WordPress sites do look the same.  Even Chris Brogan’s site pictured above looks like something from 1997.

This week we had two special people in town at TempWorks, sales stars from ADP and Taleo, and we started mapping out our marketing strategy for the HRMS/Payroll market.  We asked ourselves questions like whether the name TempWorks would create a problem for non-staffing prospects (it would) and whether we should create a new website domain and all (we should).

So now I’m looking at tools and wondering if in fact going with WordPress as the platform for this new site means sacrificing design.  How about you?  What’s your take on what a website should focus on first, design or content?

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