I hate to do this, but... I couldn't just read the blog post and move on. And I didn't want to leave it all in her comments section, considering she has written five posts and probably doesn't have much of a readership established just yet.

If nothing else, she may just see a moderate spike in her traffic today.

In Jacinda Lee's blog post: "Temporary Agencies Draining The US" from her website, The Female Report, she breaks down a few all too commonly used reasons why staffing companies are the bain of the US economy's existence.

Hopefully Ms. Lee doesn't take this personally. But if she's gonna talk smack about an entire industry, hopefully she's prepared for people to respond. Let's dive in, shall we?

She states:

"It is sad enough that a nation that once was exuding wealth and jobs is now plummeting, but the fact that nobody has commented on temporary agencies and how they are manipulating the working class citizens is beyond comprehension."

Oh, now she's got my attention. She's promising to tell me something I've never heard before!

"I have worked for temp. agencies. They use terms like 'pain in the ass employees are always giving a sob story' and 'we work for the companies not the employees'. I heard it first hand. No shit!"

That could happen anywhere. It all depends on the culture of the company you work for. Surely you've worked for a company before that:

1.) the HR department and/or management gave people who called off sick a rough time
2.) the HR department heavily favored the company and not the employees

"It has became cool and acceptable to be cold at heart for the sake of a supposed profit."

I agree that some companies behave this way, but again, it is not limited to the staffing industry.

"The fact is temporary agencies consider the company they are hiring for "their customer" and "their customer" is always right."

Again, you could say that most HR managers work for the company and not the employee. Moving on.

"They consider the employee just that ... an employee of the temporary agency. Not a potential "customer's" employee. Meaning they have no intention of getting you a full time position with a company because they would lose a reliable employee themselves then they would be stuck with the many of unreliables that walk in their door daily."

This is the best you've got? Someone please explain to her how direct hire, placement and conversion fees work.

"I understand that they have to deal with all sorts of people who are not all worthy of a good job or dependable. BUT! If everyone in the world started, or should I say keeps on, judging the next person by previous bad experiences we are all going to look like total assholes."

If you say so, but at least companies who do background checks and assessment tests aren't broke, out-of-business assholes. Giving anyone who walks in "another chance" simply because "it's the right thing to do" is a great way for a staffing company to go under. And, how is this exclusionary to the staffing industry?

"The government should really take a hard look at who is controlling the jobs in this country. I grew up thinking the government was formed to protect the people. Now that I am older I think the government protects corporations more than the people working for them."

Ah yes, it all makes sense now. It's the government's fault. What am I doing wasting time on this again? I'm getting trolled, aren't I?

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