RecruitingBlogs master Slouch tells the story of his first placement. He dragged his almost-sleeping wife out of bed late at night to make the candidate call that put the deal to bed (would have gotten me in the doghouse for a week had I tried anything like that).

How about you?  What is the story of your first direct-hire placement or big staffing deal?

The hot search engine topic for the day is outbound linking. Most staffing companies maintain their websites as brochures, ignoring the conversational aspect of the web, perhaps fearful that an outbound link will take visitors away from them. Strange behavior for an industry that depends on interpersonal activity for each transaction.

Think about your company. What would make your recruitment site a great experience for visitors, packed with good links?

Most people visiting are interested in money; after all, you offer jobs, right? So why not supply them with salary and career information, AND helpful outbound links?

Every day, it seems I come across a new video resume site. Nothing wrong with that – a lot of creativity goes into these kind of things.

I do wince though when they lead their story with “we are the only [first, leader, etc.] video resume site …”  Here’s the latest entry into the crowd of general purpose video content players, and it blends in with search engine ads.

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