From NYBooks:

The horrors of China's one-child policy are still being revealed. Each new account seems worse than the last:

There are also creepier market responses to the shortage of brides: life-size, anatomically correct female dummies, selling for $5,000 and up. If China is running out of women, why not make fake women? Fong explains. She interviews a manufacturer who experimented with skin substitutes (silicone and rubber), hair (synthetic and human), and breast size (C to EE). They really are designed to take the place of real women, says Vincent He, the factory owner, and hes proud of their durability. The nipplesthey are very tough, says He, tugging at one to demonstrate to Fong. Normal ones could never withstand such treatment.

In October 2015, China officially ended its one-child policy and announced that it will allow two children per couple. Its not clear how this policy will be implemented, or whether this will mark the end of forced sterilizations and abortions. 


All fertile married women in their region were obliged to pee into a cup for a pregnancy test every three months; a positive result could lead to a mandatory abortion. Any couple that somehow evaded the controls risked a fine, the demolition of the family home, and forced sterilization. Yet when Jiang became pregnant in 2003, she and her husband decided to keep the baby, hoping for a girl. Jiang secretly carried a friends fresh urine to the pregnancy tests and used it to achieve a negative result, and in the final months of the pregnancy she hid in her mothers house and delivered there. Jiang and Xu named their baby Victory because she had arrived against all odds. They decided that if questioned by the authorities, they would claim that they had found Victory outside and taken her in because no one else would.