I don’t know about you, but I for one love Google AutoFill. You know, the function in their search engine box that guesses what you’re going to type next? It’s better known among techies as Google AutoFAIL and the meme sensation of 2008.

Anyway, I typed “Staffing Agencies” into Google the other day and some crazy stuff started showing up. At first I laughed, because I just didn’t expect to see that sort of thing. Then it piqued my curiosity, so I started typing in different combinations to see what other phrases it would come up with. And then I was reminded of this old post we did when you type in “worst staffing company.” So I decided I’d share the results with you.

“Staffing agencies are:”
1) A joke, 2) A waste of time, 3) Bulls***, 4) Bad

“Recruiters are:”
1) liars, 2) useless, 3) worthless, 4) a waste of time

“Recruiting is:”
1) like dating, 2) necessary to, 3) like shaving, 4) sales

“Temp agencies are:”
1) a joke, 2) evil, 3) bad, 4) scams

Now that the novelty of this is over,* instead of finding this funny I’m starting to swing the other way. Google AutoFill is a database comprised by what’s searched most often when you type in those letters. And, put that way, this is a pretty bleak picture of the industry.

However, I was soon put at ease when I learned the vast majority of things you type lead to negative "fills." Try doing it with your home state, for instance. Hell, even try doing it with your favorite foods or animals. (I’ve learned that apples are rubbish, pancakes are homosexual, penguins are evil, and Q-Tips are weapons of ear destruction.)

So I guess the lesson to take away from this today, boys and girls, is that most people on the internet are total A-holes.


* I looked up the “like shaving” answer – because it’s so hilariously odd that I just had to, right? – but it’s boringly attributed to Florida Gators football coach Will Muschamp and isn't a well thought-out analogy about needing to be smooth and having razor-sharp wits, solid chops, and sharp pencils.

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