When is the automated use of a social media site such as LinkedIn to identify and approach candidates not a good thing? When you reach out to the CEO of a big competitor with the "just finished looking at your credentials and believe you are a strong candidate" message, the CEO responds publicly also via social media, and it all blows up and becomes a big thing. Not good for the brand.

That's exactly what happened to a Talent Acquisition Specialist at social media management company HootSuite. They contacted Ragy Thomas, CEO and co-founder of a new social media management company Sprinklr, with the following automated recruiting message via LinkedIn:

A Talent Acquisition Specialist at a social media management company sent the CEO of a competitor an automated recruiting message via LinkedIn.

Hi Ragy… I was reviewing your profile and you look like someone that we would love to have on our team… Your experience in engineering at Sprinklr is exactly what we are looking for to help us grow our organization… We are looking to add a CTO.

According to this post in Pando Daily, Thomas apparently saw some humor in the situation, and also no doubt spotted a chance to get some free publicity for his company, at the expense of a larger, better known, competitor.

So he quickly responded, saying, "That would be fabulous. Please let me know who I should be interviewing with."

Thomas then posted the message to his 35,000 followers on Twitter, made sure HootSuite’s CEO got the message, and then with tongue in cheek no doubt, promoted the opening to his own staff at Sprinklr, in case anyone wanted to make the move and apply.

About the only thing that could have made this scenario even worse, is if the current Chief Technology Officer found out about the search for his replacement via this LinkedIn social media recruiting fail. But HootSuite told Pando the person is involved in the search for his successor.

Leverage and scale. I had a business mentor say those are two of the things critical to business success.

We can take advantage of social media to help us get our message out to thousands of people with a simple click but it can also backfire.

On the plus side, we can take advantage of the leverage of social media to help us get our message out, and we can scale it to thousands of people with a simple click.

But it can also backfire. And your chances go up if you are a recruiter trying to brand yourself, or your organization, by filling every social media site you can find with a bunch of automated posts and messages and links.

And even though the CEO of Sprinklr is a techie at heart, he does have some good advice for recruiters via Pando Daily.

”It’s about cultivating a relationship. It’s not about hitting people up with an offer.”


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