For some, posting a fake profile on LinkedIn makes a you 'scumbag, crook and liar'.  

For others, like me, who see LinkedIn itself as a disingenuous, buggy job board posing as a social network, it's more like spitting in a dirty river.  

A bunch of recruiters weighed in on the topic (invite required) over on the Facebook group 'Recruiters Online'.  Below are some of the comments from the exchange and here is a relevant splice from the Recruiting Animal show.

  • Brian StuttI started listening and clicked off. It's actions and behavior and (lack of) ethics such as discussed that hurt our industry. Use that energy and time in a positive manner, build your professionalism and credibility in the marketplace

  • Alli Borgia BurtonStart as you mean to go. Don't start your partnership on a lie.

  • Recruiters who post phony profiles are on the top of my list of scum bags, crooks , liars, thieves. Not to mention chickenshits and maggots.

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