It could be said that receptionists have the most difficult role in the staffing agency. Not only do they need to be capable of doing 27 things at once, they need to be consistently dependable, positive, loyal and discrete – all while paying close attention to detail.

The receptionist must be able to juggle a wide variety of personality types, especially if the office welcomes walk-ins. He or she has to handle the frustrated, downtrodden, exhausted job seeker who has been into multiple agencies that day only to be presented with another lengthy application.

They must also be able to prattle off an answer to that 60 million dollar question they’ll get a hundred times every day: Do you have any jobs available?

While they may not make a million bucks, a receptionist must look like a million bucks. A neat, well-groomed appearance along with a trendy wardrobe is often expected.

A receptionist in jeans and a t-shirt isn't going to impress a job candidate or potential customer. The staffing agency's entire image could hinge on the appearance of the receptionist.

But making a great first impression is only a portion of their job duties. Receptionists manage workflow, ensuring each recruiter is adequately equipped throughout the day with supplies. They carry out candidate background checks, scheduling, candidate calls -- not to mention the occasional sales call!

Given how important the receptionist role is within the staffing agency, it may not be surprising to note that many staffing companies are reevaluating how they consider this job title. No longer considered ‘dead end,’ the receptionist is often the doorway to a long career in staffing and recruiting.

Many excellent recruiters began as receptionists who took the time to familiarize themselves with the agency’s workflow and administration.

No one knows how difficult this job is more than former receptionists.  How many of you recruiters out there started your staffing career as receptionists?  Leave your story in the comments below!

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