One of the biggest challenges facing my company is recruiting in the hyper-competitive market of web professionals.  I’m talking everything from IOS to CSS, the people who can build the mobile apps that are disrupting every business from printing to trucking are getting hit like hot girls at a frat party. Even in the heyday of late 90s with the internet bubble, I haven’t seen anything like the current climate.

So, how to win? First, keep your friends close and your recruiter closer. The fact is that despite the demand, there are a lot of people out there underpaid or undiscovered at any one time, and it’s the best recruiters that can find them.

Second, go where the talent is. For me, that means everywhere and anywhere. China, Uruguay, Romania, Armenia. I’m on Skype like your teenager is on Facebook.

Third, love the one you’re with. Retention is key. Deux-pas-en-avance-trois-en-arriere is not going to get you there. Pour your heart, and pocketbook, into it.

For us at Tempworks, that has meant a massive expansion in our office space for developers at our main office in Eagan, MN.

Making Room For The Best Web Designers and Developers at TempWorks (video)


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