Here’s good news for small and regional staffing companies looking to make it to the top of Google’s search results: everything is changing, and you have a chance now to start getting exposure like you’ve never dreamed.

First some background on recent developments.  The competition between search engines, particularly Bing and Google, is heating up, and each engine is looking to make its results more relevant.  The more relevant the search results, the more likely you are to use their engine, right?

Just tell your story, darn it, and you are ahead of 90% of your competition.

And who better to know what is relevant to job seekers and hiring managers in your market then who else – you!  In theory then, your site should show up at the top of Google already for the searches people do for which you are the most relevant business.  Probably it doesn’t however, and that’s because you have work to do.

A lot of work.   That work begins with listening and learning about a whole new way of marketing that is getting played out over the internet with tools ranging from Facebook to Twitter, with skills ranging from videography to writing, and with professions ranging from advertising to search engine optimization.

I’m making this sound hard and it is.  But on another level it’s simple.  After all, this is about you and your business.  Just tell your story, darn it, and you are ahead of 90% of your competition.

For the complicated part  I recommend to my staffing clients that they get the help of a professional SEO.

An SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) knows how to leverage all these tools for your benefit.  Getting a good SEO is arguably as important to your business today as having a good sales person.  How to go about getting a good one?

Like with anything else I would seek out the advice of trusted people in your business network.  Look for a referral from a colleague.  Also check in with your 16-year-old who’s conquered Angry Birds on your Android and would just love to find a way to make money and use Facebook.  Leave no stone unturned.

I also recommend that you check out two companies that have already been creating internet success for staffing companies and understand our industry.

The first is Haley Marketing.   You can tell right away by visiting their website that Haley gets web design and marketing.

Another is Koleen Singerline at Grass Roots Marketing.   Koleen is a strong advocate of something called inbound marketing and you can tell when you go to one of her client sites like Snelling that content marketing in the form of blogs is one of her fortes.   Koleen will also be my guest on an upcoming Staffing Talk Show where we’ll discuss the last in inbound lead generation.  (sign up here – it’s free but the slots are limited).

Getting that SEO on board however is just the start.  But if you reach for the heavens and truly embrace the changes taking place in the search industry, you too can get your company to top of Google’s results.

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