Reaching Candidates in a timely manner is essential in staffing and especially essential to maintaining a good relationship with your clients. Using TempWorks Enterprise you not only have your Candidate’s contact information at your fingertips at all times but you can contact your Candidates in a number of ways:

Email directly out of TempWorks to a group of Candidates at one time – using Email Templates you can even save time by having predefined subject line and the body of your emails.

Text message directly out of TempWorks to a group of Candidates – everyone carries their cell phone around, hit everyone at once with a text and allow your Candidates to call you!

Call-Em-All integrations allows you to call any number of Candidates at once – allow your candidates to return your call or press 1 if they are interested/press 2 if they aren’t.

All of these options are available to you and will allow you to be more efficient in filling your open positions. For more information on any of these methods of communication please contact our training department at

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