"The future is bright, and I'm getting sunglasses," says Radical Recruiting guru Jeff Skrentny. Jeff dazzled several dozen of us at the ASA's recruiting symposium in Chicago this last week with aphorisms like "Being hard is what keeps others out of my business" and "use references everywhere, always and with everyone."

Jeff claims to bill out some $400k+ in direct hire fees from his solo IT practice in Chicago. Judging by his theatrical performance (Jeff is an English major - and proud of it) on how to conduct recruiting and reference checks calls, I have little reason to doubt him. His emphasis on building a social network with his candidate base puts him a full generation ahead of ancien siecle recruiting seminar guru Peter Leffkowitz. But Jeff himself could save an easy $20k a year and a lot of headaches by converting from the clumsy newsletter tools he recommends to those available for free from Google.

With the IT market heating up big time, I can't help but think that most recruiting firms would benefit from his training classes. You can reach Jeff by email or at 312-474-6076.

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