When you've been planning an event for six months, you are always a little bit nervous about how it's going to turn out. Much like a wedding, the feeling you get after hosting a conference is one of relief, mixed with pride (as long as it went well).

We felt like everything went according to plan -- and it was clear our attendees were enjoying themselves. While we are still in the process of conducting post-event surveys, I wanted to share with you a comment we got from one attendee, who was clearly happy he made the trip to Minnesota.

= = = = =

David, Maria;

I want to thank you both for inviting our group to your first annual customer appreciation conference. From the Baseball Stadium tour and game to the awesome meal at Manny’s, it was definitely a fun filled 1st class experience! I don’t think you could have planned it any better!

I also want let you know how much I appreciate what Tempworks has done in the past to help put Maxum in the current position we are in. Without your help and support our current success wouldn’t be possible. I look forward to working with Tempworks for years to come.

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!


Broc Segura
Maxum Resources

= = = = =

Thanks Broc! We're really happy you came! Hope to see you back next year!

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