The subject of today's Five Question Friday, James Carchidi, came to our attention in a very organic and authentic way. Actually he came to my attention specifically, with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, accompanied by this nice note:  "I really admire your articles in Staffing Talk. They are always worth reading!" You have to like seeing that in your inbox, right? So we made the connection, and here he is.

James M. Carchidi, CSP, is the Executive Vice President of JFC Temps Inc., JFC Global Inc., JFC Medical Inc., d.b.a. JFC Staffing Companies. You can find out more at

He says in his LinkedIn profile, "The secret sauce to JFC's success can be summarized in a single sentence, 'We make our customers happy.'" He adds that "companies are not coming to us to buy our services, they want to buy the outcomes of our services."

Here we go now with our five questions.

1.) What is the biggest growth area in your business right now?

Executive Search/Direct Hire – Good people are always in demand, even more so during recessions.

2.) What is the biggest drag on your business, the bane of your existence at the moment?

Time; it’s our most precious commodity that once gone, you can't get back -  whether it be managing government regulations, receivables, culture, talent, or customers - the main drag on business is how to best manage the time to do it all.

3.) How do you define success?

Success means making happy customers while adding to a healthy bottom line.

4.) Name one way you have cut costs or increased profits during the recession?

There are plenty of prospects, but only a few that are truly good for us.  Taking it a step further, we identified what our ideal customer looks like and then fired the rest.

5.) What technology do you find indispensable?

A vehicle. Yes, I said it…the most indispensable technology is still the one that gets my staff face to face and in front of our customers. Of course, I can’t forget the importance of my iPad though!

Thanks Jim for participating in Five Question Friday. If you have anything to add to what Jim has to say, or want to ask any questions of him, you can do so via the comments section below.

And if you know anyone who you think is a good candidate for Five Question Friday, just invite me to connect on LinkedIn, tell me how much you admire my stories, and we'll get going. Actually, you don't have to do all that. A simple email will suffice!

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