We just got this classic interview-gone-wrong email on Friday, and felt it was our duty to share this horror story with you.

It comes from Debbie Dickerson, an executive search consultant with Link Staffing.


What started out as a glorious day quickly took a sharp left …

I had a great candidate scheduled to interview for a position that was not an easy fill. I had a fabulous lox and bagel wrapped up and ready to be devoured. The only thing missing was the singing hummingbirds.

As I finished half of my bagel, my interview showed up. I sat him in my office, began talking to him and – all of the sudden – BAM! I get the barf bubble. That unmistakable feeling of queasiness that comes suddenly and without warning. It must have been the capers. In all the years I’ve eaten lox and bagels, I’ve never asked for capers. But I had a wild hair up my tail this morning. Me and my confident swagger.

Now I’m here with an exciting candidate and his words are impossible for me to understand. It’s just jibberish. I clear my throat and say, “Huh? Sorry, I didn't catch anything you just said.”

I tried to "man up," play if off like no big deal, and ask another question. Just one. For the sake of professionalism. Please, body. Please just allow me this one question.

It was around this time that I realized I was sweating, breaking out in hives, itching, and, yes ... was most definitely going to barf. There’s no use in fighting. It’s going to happen. So I put my pride aside and bolted out of my office. (Thank God there’s a back door.)

Ten minutes later, I came back into my office with mascara streaming down my face, red hives all over, and a candidate waiting right there for me. I couldn't help but laugh.

I quickly got him out and rummaged through the medicine drawer, desperate to take something so this reaction would go away. This was, hands down and without a doubt, the worst interview I ever conducted. And it’s also the funniest.

That’s right; I have a sense of humor about it. And why wouldn’t I? The candidate did end up filling the position, after all.

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