We love it when staffers send us stories. As you can see here and here, they’re often quite entertaining. What you guys and gals experience never ceases to amaze us. Anyway, enough of me – here’s our newest batch.


T-Shirt Message Tells All …
by anonymous recruiter with an IT staffing company
A candidate arrived for her interview wearing a T-shirt that said, "Genius by Birth Lazy by Choice"

Don’t Ever Say “Dress Up”true-staffing-stories
by anonymous staffing company owner
This was years ago and early on in my career. I was working with the Chamber of Commerce, and they needed someone to cover the front desk because the mayor and a lot of other VIP's were coming in. So I found a person for the job, and I prepped her by telling her to make sure she dressed up because many important people would be there. I called to make sure she arrived safely and my contact said, "Why is your employee wearing a prom dress?" I was mortified! When I asked her why she was wearing a prom dress, she replied, "you told me to dress up." I learned never to use that specific word again. Good thing this was early in my career!

Hit & Run
by Susan Paulson, recruiter with Anchor Staffing
I had a gentleman hit a construction worker on his way to my interview. He DID NOT STOP because he didn't want to be too late for his meeting with me. After I told him I wasn't going to follow through with his interview because I wanted him to call the police, he basically started melting in his chair begging and pleading with me to allow him to interview. He insisted we proceed because he "studied our website" and "prepared for his interview." He did not get the job.

Give My Left Arm …
by Sam Schwendiman, assistant brand manager for CHG Healthcare
We currently have an open position for an interactive specialist in our marketing department. Our interview process is lengthy and it begins with a phone screen. After the phone screen of a certain individual, the hiring manager got an envelope in the mail that was rather bulky. With the recent Ricin scare, they took it to HR and opened it there to be very careful. Inside they found a couple of Barbie arms and a note from the interviewee that said, "I'd give my left arm to work there. Please hire me."

A Slight Change of Plan
by Karl McHale, president at Green Staffing
About 15 years ago I had a candidate who had a hot-in-demand skillset head to an interview with a client who was really keen to bring that skillset on board. All throughout the interview process, he mentioned that he had to go in for an operation between the first and second interviews. He anticipated being out of action for about two or three weeks. I’m a sensitive, non-invasive kind of guy, so didn’t bother my backside to ask him what was wrong. But maybe I should have … Lo and behold, he came back from the slab and into the second interview with my client. And he did so as a woman. Let me clarify … he did so as an absolutely hideous woman … in really trashy clothes. My customer thought he was taking the mickey dressed as he was. And, later, was annoyed that I hadn’t informed them of his/her plans. I had no idea! Which made me look like an idiot. So I had to talk my way out of it by saying we’re a progressive staffing agency and things like that are not relevant to the candidates’ skills or potential for success on the job. Anyway, the client’s office was an open environment setup with glass walls so everyone there witnessed the already-infamous interview. To the point that, the very next day, two members of the interviewing project manager’s development team came in dressed as women.

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