Prime Industrial Recruiters of Tulsa, OK , recently implemented TempWorks Payroll Processing services, cutting their costs, saving time, and allowing them to focus on revenue generating tasks.

Oddie McClendon, from Prime Industrial Recruiters explains, "Previously, we utilized three different systems for our staffing software, payroll and billing so our data was not conveniently accessible. As we began to expand across Oklahoma we needed to merge all three systems so that everything was fluid."

McClendon goes on to state that "we needed something that was integrated, so that we didn't have to pay three separate vendors. TempWorks Payroll processing seemed to be a great option, we've eliminated the extra steps and the process is now so simple."

Prime Industrial's Tulsa Branch Manager, Joy Moody conveys that "human error was forcing us to re-cut checks because the payroll process went through multiple back-office employees before it was complete. It was such a waste of time for everyone involved, and was costing us money."

Moody continues to acknowledge that "Having TempWorks process our payroll has saved us time, money and grief because we have access to everything in one integrated system."

TempWorks has provided recruitment, payroll and billing systems to staffing firms since 1997, and added payroll processing, employer of record and payroll funding to its inventory in 2006. TempWorks currently processes payroll for customers in all 50 states, and has added several strategic, high-volume payroll accounts since the first of this year.

TempWorks Director of Operations, Kevin Prow acknowledges that, "Prime began using TempWorks in August of 2008 and quickly added payroll services in October. Since then, Prime has been able to speed up their day-to-day tasks and eliminate the worry that comes along with payroll processing. Now TempWorks handles all of it and Prime can focus on tasks that affect their bottom line instead."

David Dourgarian, President of TempWorks Software, comments that "We are committed to providing our customers with solutions that will increase productivity and profitability, and are excited that we are helping Prime do just that."

About TempWorks Software

TempWorks Software incorporated in Minnesota in 1997 and provides a full suite of enterprise staffing solutions. Designed to automate and streamline all facets of a staffing firm's daily operation, TempWorks Software offers fully integrated front and back-office staffing software, web portals for customers, employees, applicants and vendor management, and many additional modules.

From recruiting to payroll and everything in between, TempWorks Software puts technology to work for staffing firms and their clients. For more information about TempWorks, please visit

About Prime Industrial Recruiters

Prime Industrial Recruiters began in 1996 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prime's focus is exclusively on industrial staffing, both temporary and long term. The goal at Prime Industrial is to continue to be the best industrial recruiting agency anywhere. For more information about Prime Industrial, please visit

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