With such a busy industry and hectic schedule it is easy to overlook the details. It can be easy to ignore pop-ups that show up on your computer. How many times have you dismissed a calendar reminder then think, “what was that appointment?”.

One pop-up you don’t want to ignore (and often can’t ignore) are Assignment Restrictions in TempWorks Enterprise.

Assignment Restrictions are notifications of things you should be aware of when assigning an employee to a job or even when considering an employee for a job.

When Assigning an Employee or adding them to the Candidate Worksheet if there is anything you should be aware of a pop-up will display showing those items. These warnings include hard and soft stop warning and can be for items such as: Status warnings, I-9 expiration warnings, location warnings, etc…

These Assignment Restrictions will help to keep your records straight and prevent easily overlooked errors from slipping through the cracks.

For more information please contact our training department at trainers@tempworks.com.

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