Let me get this out of the way right from the start.  I really dig Pope Francis.  From his washing the feet of women on Maundy Thursday to living in a guesthouse instead of the near-hedonistic papal suites, I find him inspiring.

And his frugality and personal financial management should bring a chuckle to any staffing owner who has had to pinch pennies to make it through tough times.    Consider that he snuck out of the Vatican to pay his hotel bill promptly and took the time soon after to personally cancel his newspaper subscription back in Buenos Aires.  Talk about a guy into low overhead!

I follow him in English and French and Arabic and three other languages I hardly understand and make a daily habit of seeing how his translators modify the tweet for each language.  It’s a combo spiritual and intellectual experience that makes for great early morning exercise.

All that to say I was quite taken aback by a recent tweet of his:

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