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Here’s a belated note of congratulations to my son David, President of TempWorks and Laura Baratto, his fiancée and TempWorks Marketing Manager.  David and Laura have known each other for almost a decade, and I couldn’t be happier to see them formally announce their engagement and wedding planned for next February.

They make a terrific duo at TempWorks, especially in organizing the support and implementation teams in the face of the huge increase in business we’ve experienced during the last 18 months.  Of the 54 enterprise software deals closed in 2009, four we’re the largest in the companies history and required careful planning not just of the usual data conversion and training but also the migration of important workflow processes from the client to our payroll and billing outsourcing department.

David has also been instrumental in closing many of these new business relationships, and it was in fact him who trekked off to the UK In 2006 to learn the payroll funding business that has fueled our expansion into outsourcing.  After his return he jump-started our own funding division by helping a new client out of a difficult banking situation.

New business growth doesn’t come from just sales however.  Lead generation, interactive marketing and public relations sow the seed of future sales, and for that we have Laura.  Since rejoining TempWorks after her graduation (she interned with us during her undergrad days and worked for a staffing company as her first post-grad gig), Laura implemented a lead-generation program that propelled us to top Google rankings.  As opposed to the old days when sales folk we’re expected to prospect all their own leads, Laura delivers them fresh leads each day that are nurtured with newsletters and ongoing educational and marcomm activities.

I titled this post “The Great Circle of Life” because the story of David assuming my duties in running TempWorks reminds me a lot of the movie of that title.  The new generation breathes life into the community but not everyone takes well to the changes – they want things to stay the way they were.  That includes me in part.

Nevertheless I see the new waves of growth that I could never have achieved and am more than content to stand back and serve as a guide to these young new leaders.  I’m a programmer at heart, a software developer if you want fancy talk or enterprise architect to really put some spin on it.

And with the intense growth David and Laura are pushing through, it doesn’t hurt to have me around to make sure our clients continue to get the scalable innovative software they need to grow along with us.

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