Just think about the amount of paper we all go through in a day. From the application all the way to invoicing the customer, every step of the employment process seems to require a piece of paper.

In a single day we use paper for:

  • Application Packets
  • Interview Packets
  • Orientation Packets
  • Job Packets
  • Customer Packets

With the amount of paper I see passing through the office I feel like I’m killing half a forest a day.  And we can't forget about how much all this paper actually costs.  I know a staffing company that spends over $80,000 per year on paper. 

That's why I’m a firm believer in paperless staffing systems. I’m not just saying this because I would like to see my grandchildren have real trees around when they enter the world. I say this because it makes your Staffing Specialist’s lives easier. It simplifies the intake process.  It saves your company time and money. 

What if a fire burned down your building with all your papers in it?  You'd be screwed, that's what.  When everything is converted to data, all of  your company's vital information can be backed up and stored at an offsite location.

Some other quick benefits:

  • Everything is completed online…and I mean everything!
  • The applicant's address is entered once and is propogated to all documents
  • The system requires only one signature, then it is propogated to all documents
  • No more filing!!!

Can you picture living in a world where you have more time to take care of your customers and build sales?  It's possible and very easily done.  Need more info?  Check out the TempWorks website for more information on paperless staffing systems.

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