Staffing Talk’s David Gee has a post up about just-in-time labor which features our client ILMG and describes elements of our time and attendance product line

It’s a thrill to be part of the transformation ILMG is providing its manufacturing clients and to see how the ubiquitous

internet is changing our most labor-intensive processes.

Last night I had the chance to sit down with Kevin Prow of Tempworks who developed our original time clock product suite.  Kevin now manages our support department and the occasion was a celebration of our technical support team clearing out every outstanding unclaimed support ticket at Tempworks.  It’s a privilege to be surrounded by such dedicated and smart people.

Kevin shared some of his ideas for the future of our time clock products – more kinds of devices, ability to interface to other back office systems besides Tempworks, using Android based clocks – and given the heavy demand we are seeing for our existing line, that future looks promising.

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