Want high growth staffing over the next decade?   Structure your business as a decentralized autonomous organization.

The WSJ has a post up (again) about creating a class of workers that sits between the W2 employee and the independent contractor.   This idea is nonsense as the last thing we need is more regulations.

Regulations kill initiative.   They kill opportunity for workers.   They create a privileged class of too-big-to-fail insurance companies and banks while driving up the budget of our already uncontrollably indebted federal government.

What we need is less regulation, not more.    But I don't hold up any hope that government can make itself smaller regardless of the political party in power.   

The answer of course is decentralized autonomous organizations that the government can not attack.   Here's how I commented on the WSJ post:

All this is going away anyway.

Decentralized autonomous businesses (DAOs) that operate on the world computers - IPFS, Ethereum, blockchains etc - evade statist attacks and will eventually supplant the Airbnbs and Ubers.  They will free workers and allow them to operate easily as independent businesses, thus escaping coercive and expensive payroll taxes, worker comp costs - money that lands in the hands of bureaucrats, TBTF insurance companies and attorneys.  

Workers will also get paid faster and more reliably without having money pass through the hands of antiquated banks.