Susan Wurst, VP of Tempworks, who has been following our coverage of Obamacare strategies suggested that some staffing agencies might be better served by "skinny plans".

ST: What are 'skinny plans'?

Wurst:  "Skinny plans" is the term for minimal essential coverage.  These plans are popping up and appear to satisfy the ACA requirements.  They generally only include preventative coverage so no hospitalization, x-rays etc.  

ST: "But won't they have to cover all employees?"

Wurst:  A possible strategy for staffing companies is to avoid the administrative headache of the measurement periods, admin periods etc particularly with employees classified as variable hour employees and yes offer the skinny plan to every employee, banking on the decline rate being high as well as the insurance being low cost ... low enough that even for minimum wage employees who work minimal hours the financial burden on the employer [will be less] than staff time of administering the more complicated option. 


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