A new study shows that the Obama administration has largely abandoned efforts to conduct job-site audits of worker eligibility.

According to this post on the Center for Immigration Studies, Jessica Vaughan details just how few audits are getting done these days:

The Obama administration has largely abandoned efforts to enforce the laws against hiring illegal workers, according to internal ICE statistics. In the first five months of this fiscal year, ICE conducted just 181 workplace audits and brought charges against just 27 employers. This is a small fraction of the worksite activity ICE completed in 2013, when more than 3,000 companies were audited and 179 employers were arrested. The number of employer fines collected by ICE also has dropped by more than half since 2013.

Reason?  Some speculate on political expediency - President Obama is no longer running for office.    

Some, like the ICE official in the video believe that not pursuing the audits is a failure that will breed more failure.