I have to confess to buying and even reading parts of management guru Tom Peter's epic reinvention of the business book. If you're really bored and on a 13-hour flight to Hong Kong, you might consider bringing it along, not because it has anything worthwhile to say - the words rehash business platitudes from the 1990s, but because his use of grey dotted lines and mid-sentence font size and color changes might teach you how to write a world-class kiDnaPping note, should you need one some day.

Mr. Peters keynoted a staffing conference last year, during which he yapped at the assembled staffing executives about how bad of a job they were doing. If he were simply giving the frank and sage scolding of an aging icon, I could have stomached it better. After all, you can always get something from a well-delivered sermon. But no, he droozled on for what seemed like hours with internet bubble catch-words, delivered in a rambling stacatto that at least matched nicely with the kidnapper text in his book. This was a dressing down of staffing execs, from mostly well-regarded companies, for the service sins of low-margin nationals and fly-by-nights.

Tom Peters: Re-Imagine Yourself - Please!
"Your service sucks," says Tom Peters.
"Recruiters are nothing but cheaters!"
Adopt a new look!
But first buy my book!
I'll teach you to be bottom feeders.

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