This has been a dream fulfilled for me to see Staffing Talk morph from a personal blog to a true staffing industry news site over the last couple months. Editor Paul Phipps and his writers have done a great job. 

However that leaves those of you looking for a news feed about TempWorks underserved.  Happily, Paul and TempWorks web developer/designer Pete Klein have put together a TempWorks blog where you can read about the latest staffing software arguments, product release announcements, and those rib-cracking pats on our own back.

And then for friends of mine that used to coming here to find my personal news or favorite viral video, I haven’t figured that one out.  Friend me on Facebook I guess.  I might try out Posterous or Tumblr at some point…anyone using those?   Or maybe I’ll just keep on putting that stuff here, like this:

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