As of April 6, 2010, we have five open reqs at TempWorks for software developers.  Here’s the job description from our career page:


No one should have to work in a vacuum.  You know, with all that pesky dust and lint.

Luckily, as a Software Engineer at Tempworks, you won't have time to gather dust.  Instead, you'll be a vital member of the team fueling our company's continued growth as a leader in innovative, cutting-edge software products and solutions.  When you're not coding for high-profile enterprise roll outs, you'll be developing new applications and technologies to help

our clients make more and work less.  We're not big into complicated project requirements, 100 page specs and daily check-ins.  As a top engineer, we figure you know how to get there, and give you the resources and tools you need to transform your ideas into the next Big Thing.  The only thing we won't give you is a lot of red tape; we know you'd rather be coding than sitting in some meeting.  Or else, getting in a game of foosball or Guitar Hero.  We're cool with that.  Because our team doesn't work in a vacuum, we figure that work doesn't need to suck.

Bleeding Edge, That's How We Roll

Since we're guessing you don't live in a vacuum either, you'll know how to work effectively with our elite team of developers, architects and implementation staff, bringing your expertise to their projects or filling in if there's a deliverable.  Don't worry, though; they'll hit you back.  The four most important words here are: "How can I help?" Because our engineers participate in every step of a project lifestyle, you'll have to work on coding, testing, deployment and documentation.  You'll also be interfacing with clients as one of the public faces of Tempworks because you're the brains behind every project you start.

Being a software engineer at Tempworks means you'll get to work on the cutting-edge, figuring out how to utilize new languages, applications and software before they even hit the market.  That means that as a software engineer, you'll have to experiment and be creative (we'd say think outside the box, but we don't have boxes) to translate requirements into best practices.  A strong background in Visual Studio (C#) is a ++.

Here are some other skills you'll need to bring to the table:

  • Solid experience with database design and SQL (SQL Server 2005 and beyond)
  • Experience with user interface design
  • Familiarity or experience with WPF
  • Familiarity or experience with CSLA.NET or similar rich-model frameworks.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple projects
  • Ability to interact with executives and leaders inside and outside the company throughout the development process
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills (one of the most important languages our programmers need to know)
  • Willingness to travel (up to 10%)

So if you're digging what we're throwing down, please send an e-mail to explaining why you're the best engineer since Casey Jones.

Tempworks offers a fast paced, fun environment (we promise you'll never be bored) with competitive pay and perks.

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