Hi readers of Staffing Talk, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Reeder and I am Staffing Talk’s newest contributor.

I’m a long-time follower, observer, reporter and editor in the staffing industry – and I’m honored to join the conversation. Let me begin with a few questions that readers may have.

Who am I?

After studying journalism at University of Oregon, I worked professionally as a journalist for a number of years in a number of capacities.

My longest stint in journalism and greatest love has been in reporting on the contingent sector.

I’ve covered the staffing industry for thirteen years, and served as managing editor at Staffing Industry Analysts’ SI Review most of that time. During that tenure I saw the industry grow in sophistication, professionalism, depth and breadth.

It has been my privilege to cover staffing’s expansion into other spheres (most notably the huge growth in healthcare staffing) as well as detail the way technology increasingly came into play to speed efficiencies – and I look forward to the next frontiers.

On that note, technology has been a huge part of my ‘beat’. I’ve written about new products and services and highlighted issues such as selection and implementation. And living in Silicon Valley, I hope to continue to highlight technology trends that will no doubt have an impact on our industry.

The staffing industry is never boring. Quite the contrary: One of the reasons for this is the diversity of staffing. Not just, literally, diversity—which is a great part of staffing—but the way the industry runs the gamut, from mom and pops to Fortune 500 firms, from regionals to nationals, and from those firms providing only one service to those that mixed services across platforms.

Another important dynamic is the contingent workforce itself.  I have always tried to focus on this one very important part of the market that is often ironically overlooked by many staffing firms.

With constantly evolving trends, the growth of best practices, and the direct tie-in with the overall economy, staffing is a fresh, fascinating field.

We’d like your feedback and questions: “Why aren’t you writing about this?” Or: “You were totally wrong about this, and here’s why.”

What will I be Writing About?

I’ll delve into areas that staffing firms encounter every day: operations, technology, best practices, success stories—do’s and don’ts included.

Beyond that, as I mentioned earlier, staffing has become increasingly sophisticated and professional. As such, it is now generally accepted as a key part of the human capital supply chain.

I’ll look at the broader business world, and staffing’s role and value. Not just how staffing fits into a broader context, but, for example, what this industry can learn from others.

This column won’t be limited to a ‘staffing only’ mentality.

Finally, as we all know, staffing is about people, and I hope to embrace that, with the lighter side of interaction, through anecdotes or stories.

What do I Hope to Achieve?

We are hoping for feedback with your thoughts and opinions. Interactivity builds conversation and community. We’d like your feedback and questions: “Why aren’t you writing about this?” Or: “You were totally wrong about this, and here’s why.” Don’t worry—we can take it.

Above all, I’m hoping to have a dialogue about what the employment world is like in this crazy uncertain time. For you, maybe just a pause in your busy day, perhaps an idea you hadn’t considered before.

I can’t wait to get started! And in the spirit of that, here’s my email: Jeff@http://staffingtalk.com.

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