According to a new IBM study, 70% of companies recognize IT infrastructure plays an important role when it comes to competitive advantage, revenue and profit, but only 22% percent have a well-defined IT strategy to optimize those things. 

Findings from the study, found here, reveal the need for an improved level of collaboration between IT and those running the business. 

"Today's IT leaders are responsible for more than overseeing technology breakthroughs, they are also integral to advising chief executives about the organization's business strategy," said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president of IBM Systems & Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain. "With customer experience as a key competitive advantage, never before has the combination and integration of back office and front office strategies been more critical."

Based on a survey of 750 CTOs, CIOs and other senior technology executives, from a variety of industries and company sizes in 18 countries, the new report finds few organizations are capitalizing on IT trends for competitive advantage and aren't well positioned to overcome challenges relating to next-generation IT requirements. 

The research however suggests there is opportunity for new IT conversations to evolve, saying this will require organizations to consider not only future technologies, but also the current corporate culture and management systems that influence organizational decisions.

The findings of this new study won't come as any particular revelation to Elizabeth James, Tempworks Regional Vice President, Sales. 

Beginning with her first days on the job as a trainer over three years ago, she recognized that successful IT organizations position themselves not just as service providers, but also trusted advisors. 

"From the developers to the trainers to the sales people, we are constantly thinking about how IT can collaborate with other parts of a staffing organization to capitalize on technology trends and turn them into business advantages. " 

If the findings of the survey are accurate, that type of thinking is more the exception than the norm.

Here are some of the takeaways from the IBM IT survey:

71% of all organizations say IT infrastructure plays an important role in enabling competitive advantage or optimizing revenue and profit.

22% of organizations have a well-defined enterprise IT infrastructure strategy and roadmap.

13% of IT executives claim success at developing skills to meet changing IT infrastructure needs.

<10% of companies report that their IT infrastructure is fully prepared to meet the demands of mobile technology, social media, big data and cloud computing.