I recently joined the newly formed HR technology community website Callabor8, hosted by consultancy Pan Eight out of the UK, and copied below my first discussion entry there.

Hi. My name is Gregg Dourgarian, and I'm the CEO of a staffing software, payroll funding and back office services company in Minnesota (USA).

This is my first discussion on Callabor8, so I thought I'd kick it off with some initial data I'm seeing for June of 2009 across several dozen independent staffing companies located primarily in the U.S.

Although volume shot up in Q2 and remains improved into June, the numbers are still down about 20% YTY. I guess that's bad news, although it's much better than the 40% YTY drop we were seeing in Q1.

Market strength varies in the USA by geography more than by specialization. Markets where oil or government are prominent (Maryland, Texas) are doing much better than manufacturing states like Ohio/Michigan or housing/retirement states (Florida, Arizona). California is a special case and is perhaps the worst off of all.

That said, on the specialization side, professional service contracting is doing much better than labor, especially construction-oriented labor. Nurse staffing has tanked badly, with census counts at hospitals down significantly. We still see strength in allied medical, i.e. physical therapy.

I wish the best for the Callabor8 community, as there seems to be no strong staffing/recruiting community out there any more.

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