They give me blank stares like, "What is this software guy trying to sell me now?" when I talk to most prospects about how they need to embrace social media.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when MSN featured one of my own clients, The Daniel Group, as a transformative agent in the emerging space of social recruitment.

Here is what MSN had to say in an article written by Rachel Zupek, a CareerBuilder writer:

The Daniel Group/Dan Temps, for example, decided to take advantage of social media to enhance its brand recognition. Jarrod Daniel, president of the executive search and staffing firm, says the firm saw an opportunity to communicate better with its associates and candidates on topics like employment, market issues and internal events. Plus, having an active Facebook page has helped candidates find them and increase visibility.

"Our Facebook recruiting project has increased our visibility in regards to the job postings that we have. We used to get an average of 30 applications per posting before we created the Facebook page," Daniel says. "Since that page was created, the applications have gone up to an average of 150 applications per posting. That is a 500% increase in applications per posting in only three months."

While Dan Temps clearly figured out an effective strategy, not every company is in the same boat. Many firms know they need to get in the space, but once they're there, they have no idea how to leverage their existence. As a result, employers need people with social networking skills - like you - to come on board and take over.

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