When Mark Healey purchased Full Steam Staffing back in 2009, he didn’t know much about the staffing business. But he knew technology, and he saw an opportunity to apply it.

“The contingency workforce is the way of the future,” said Healey in a recent interview. “I see opportunity based on how people run their companies and manage risk and again in how they handle peak and slow seasons.”

Healey has had to manage his own peaks when it comes to Full Steam Staffing.   The company lives by its “full steam ahead” moniker as it’s grown from a small, single location to nine locations with 50 employees, 3,200 associates and a run rate of $100 million.

“The dreamer in me felt we could get to where we are today. We had a lot of issues to overcome and iron out though, with the different personalities and getting everyone aligned internally. We have had a lot of evolution in a fairly short period of time. We were stuck in our own internal problems and we had to get unstuck before we could start growing.”

Healey added that they still occasionally battle the “old ways” of doing things because they have been growing so fast. They are also still a relatively new company, so the evolution isn’t complete by any means.

When Healey bought the company he took a long, hard look at the software platform and knew that the he wanted to take full advantage of it.

“TempWorks products were already in place when I took over ownership, and I thought we should use them to the full extent.  We’ve been an outsourced client ever since.”

Full Steam Staffing relies heavily on its technology. That means leaving no stone unturned in moving away from doing things by hand in favor of automating functions and doing them electronically.

“Tempworks has had its paperless office for years, and we’re moving towards full adoption,” Healey says. “I think we are going to actually accomplish that in the first quarter of next year. That means our application and onboarding process, screening, I9s, W4s, time-cards, invoices, payroll - everything.”

Healy uses the software's performance indicators - online reports and dashboard widgets - to manage profitability.  The system integrates tightly with Quick Books which he uses for accounting.

The job of running a staffing company gets more complicated every year, Healey says.  It’s a trend that will go into high gear if and when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation takes hold.

“We have to get this right. The consequences are enormous. We have the TempWorks ACA module to rely on. I think ultimately if it [ACA] comes to pass it presents a massive opportunity for us.”

The strong relationship with Tempworks will continue to drive efficiencies, regardless of what happens on Capitol Hill.

“Tempworks products are highly reliable and the company has helped us customize them along our journey.  They've got excellent support and have been a good partner for us.”

“I feel very good about the future of our business and the staffing business in general.”

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