This post is about a hot staffing software startup, code-named DocCenter, that will emerge out of TempWorks in the coming year, but for the moment I just want to present the context of our wonderful state of Minnesota and how we foster innovation.

It’s June now and the baseball season is in full swing.  The Twins are enjoying a strong grip on American League’s central division.  And you can’t go to any social gathering without someone asking if you’ve been out to our new stadium, Target Field.

That stadium figures so dominantly on the Minneapolis downtown skyline that Minnesota Twins ace, Francisco Liriano, imagecould throw a rock from it and hit any number of headquarter buildings of Fortune 500 companies.

That stone could also hit a half-dozen software companies servicing the HR, staffing and talent acquisition markets.

The preponderance of technology companies here has no doubt has something to do with the deep roots of innovative computer companies like Cray, CDC and Honeywell that have been here for decades, not to mention Univac, the creator of the first commercial computer, who generously brought me here from California in 1980.

Since HR and staffing decisions tend to come from the top, it’s no wonder that software companies grow up around the large number of companies like Target and Cargill headquartered here.  In proportion to Minnesota’s population, the number of headquartered large companies here is staggering. 



All that to say, this is a great place to be doing a startup like DocCenter.  We’re aiming DocCenter at organizations that already have a HRMS/staffing/recruitment system in place and just want to eliminate all the paper around it. 

DocCenter operates on an entirely service oriented architecture (read: cloud) that could plug into almost any platform, whether that be Peoplesoft, SAP, or TempWorks.  The cost savings are enormous from the get go.  It’s a great value proposition.

I want to thank the DocCenter developers, especially Brandon Johnson and Paul Czywczynski with help from Pete Klein and the web services team.

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