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With the densest population of Fortune 500 companies in the United States it's no surprise that Minneapolis/St. Paul also represent HR's most intensely innovative metro area.

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming at TempWorks Paul DeBettignies aka the Minnesota Headhunter and @MnHeadHunter, and point guard for unconferences and tweet-ups that bring together HR innovaters such as JobDig, Linkup.com, Jobs2Web, Arbita, CollegeRecruiter.com and Knowledge Infusion - all locally owned and run companies.

Paul shared with me his adventures as a search consultant during the epic ups and downs of the search business over the last 12 years.  The secret of his success: staying true to his core candidate community and keeping them involved and networked even when job prospects are scarce.  "Things turn around as they always do,"  he says, and maintaining that candidate trust over the long-term allows him to make a lot of placements when the jobs do come back.

Paul has a lot of great events planned for 2010 including an April unconference at a Fortune 100 company which I hope to be able to write about shortly.   Thanks Paul for all your work in bringing together a great community of people here in my adopted home town.

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