Well, actually, he's 26, but that's a kid for me.  And he pushed the much heralded Elon Musk into a tizzy.   What's not to like?

The real story here though is that one person accomplished in a short time much of what hundreds of Apple, Google and Tesla engineers have spent years doing.   

For you recruiters out there, it's a story about just how important it is to get the exact right person to an important job.   Never sell your skill short.

He hacked the iPhone in 2007 while still in high school and became an international celebrity, appearing on TV news shows. Three years later, he hacked the PlayStation 3and released the software so others could use it. Sony responded by suing him, and the two parties settled their feud shortly after, with Hotz agreeing never to meddle with Sony products again. These achievements were enough to earn him a profile in the New Yorker when he was 22. I live by morals, I dont live by laws, Hotz declared in the story. Laws are something made by assholes.