may sound like a nightmare to a recruiter. This is a hiring event of epic proportions.

Imagine your top customer just called you and put in an order for 50,000 employees. Oh, and you have only one day to do it. You're going to be in the office all night -- better start making some calls!

Before your palms start sweating let me tell you they aren't calling on staffing companies for help.  They are doing the hiring in 14,000 different restaurants around the country -- for positions ranging from cook to manager.

Still, to do it all in one day is a pretty impressive feat.  The new staff will cost an estimated $500 million dollars.

While the number seems high, it will only be about a 15% increase on the 300,000 new jobs economists say is needed per month to make a serious dent in the unemployment rate.  Leave it to economists to burst our bubble.

April 19 is the special day, so if you've always been hankering to put in some time for the Golden Arches, this is your chance.

My younger brother always said when he was a kid he wanted to be a "ninja guy for McDonald's" when he grew up.  I wonder if they're hiring for that position?

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