My #1 marketing takeaway from the Chris Brogan marketing conference in San Francisco last week: when it comes to marketing your business, think mobile.

Think mobile because it is the fastest growing trend bar none.  It’s faster growing than the internet.

The desktop  is dying in comparison.

Gregg buys his wife a foulard via Amazon via mobile.

Juan sends money back to Mom in Guadalajara via mobile.

And your prospect is looking to buy a product like yours via mobile too. Make sure that people can find you and work with you with their mobile phone and that when they find you they can view your offering easily from their phone.

If you’re in staffing or recruitment, it’s not just your candidate that you need to attract via mobile. It’s your customer at lunch wondering where she will get a new accounting manager. It’s your prospect driving home, trying to which service to call.

There are a lot of tricks to making mobile marketing work.  You have to think different than typical desktop search marketing and way different than offline marketing. TempWorks has a whole product line, TempWorks Mobile, that addresses those needs from a staffing and CRM perspective.

Want to know more?  Give me a call 1-651-452-0366.  Or rather text me …  on my mobile of course: 651-324-7376.

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