In April of 1974 at the age of 16 I sat down at my Dad’s business with a Manpower sales training manual and started making calls.

I was terrible at it.   My adult voice wasn’t yet developed and people would put me on hold and not come back just to avoid the irritation of talking to me again.

But the Manpower manual said keep on making calls even when you’re frustrated, and that’s what I did.  Despite my utter lack of innate skill, I started bringing in job orders.

That experience taught why great organizations rely on a system of training and processes that relentlessly drive sales activity.   Feet on the street equals cash in the bank.

Here we are 40 years later and Manpower is still driving sales innovation in my life.  In the last year alone Tempworks has executed on three major contracts with Manpower operations, and each one drove new innovations in the sales processes that our software now facilitates.  

I’m going to show here an image of just one of them which is a screen shot of a sales deal tracker and quote/contract maker. 

Some people think quoting a price early on weakens you by giving too much power to the prospect, that it’s a dump-your-candy, open-your-kimono thing to do.

It’s not.  I think it was good old Yogi [hmm..getting comments that it was Woody Allen] who is credited for saying that 90% of winning is just showing up.   A serious looking quote can be your way of showing up.  It says “I think enough about you and want your business so much that I want to help you get an idea on your costs”.  A quote is just the opener to a relationship, and an effective one it is.

As Tempworks begins its fifth decade (my Dad, my brother and me were developing it back then…yes, there were computers then) of business with Manpower, I’m looking forward to a flourishing season of innovation ahead.

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