I hate Office 2007. It doesn't matter which product you use - Powerpoint, Word, Excel - those ribbons on top that are supposed to make things easier just complicate the hell out of everything. Doing simple stuff like indenting just gets harder with each new release.

Truth is, all software runs the same risk. Clients and prospects constantly ask us for new features that easily conflict with each other or complicate the core product. Most users just want the common functions, and they want them easy to use. And when they need help, they want a help button nearby to get them out of jam.

Here's a clip on how we accomplish this at TempWorks. Derek Nicholls, our lead Web service developer, goes under the covers and shows how it's done. Derek has led his team to a string of client successes. WebCenter now powers one of the world's largest car manufacturers and one of the largest federal agencies. Thanks Derek for all the hard work and for the video clip.

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