If you’re like most people, you keep accounts in a lot of different places.  From Facebook to LinkedIn to your staffing software and beyond, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with urls, user names and passwords.

Some of us at Tempworks use password storage tools like LockBox, and others like me try to keep a small set of username/password combinations that we commit to memory.   However, keeping these details in your memory gets harder all the time as sites around the web tighten up security by increasing password length and complexity.

We realize that our users are in much the same boat.   Thankfully, our active directory based server access for direct clients avoids many of the  security pitfalls common to man internet sites.  Nevertheless, things do get harder to remember when the same person uses our systems in different capacities which can simultaneously include applying online, doing supervisory work on the web center and using the software as an internal user.

In the email exchange below, you can see how we try to facilitate things for the example of an applicant portal user that transitions to being a webcenter user:


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