TempWorks DocCenter: How Your Company Can Move Towards "Green Employment".

An inside interview with TempWorks DocCenter Guru, Brandon Johnson.
(conversation with Andrew Bomett)
Andrew: Brandon, I know that you are very conscious about the environment in general. Can you share with us your personal contribution to a greener world?
Brandon: I would love to! Since my wife and I bought our house back in '08, we have been a lot more conscious about what we do to help the environment. Some of which actions include: recycling trash, using a programmable thermostat, and also switching our entire house to use the CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs) lights instead of the standard filament bulbs.
Andrew: Tell us what you do at TempWorks?
Brandon: My role at TempWorks has always been to help wherever I can. Currently I am in charge of developing, scoping, and also installing our e-document solution called DocCenter for our clients. On top of that, I assist in WebCenter anytime I can offer a lending hand.
Andrew: Tell us about DocCenter, the resources you have for prospective clients, and how they can find them?
Brandon: The current version of DocCenter houses a lot of great features. Some of the features have been in the system since the beginning and others are new. Since the beginning, we've provided features like the ability to attach any image or PDF to any form, multi-mode approval environment for the service representatives, and allowing employees to login using a combination of either their SSN and Pin or their WebCenter credentials. Some of the newest features include dynamic menus for any field on a form, saving forms to an external location (ex. file system), Import/Export of DocCenter settings for administrators that need to install DocCenter on multiple computers, and static form field values via a configuration file.
Andrew: There has been a lot of chatter about Tempworks eliminating the paperwork involved in the staffing industry and essentially contributing to the green initiative. As a Developer, where do you see the future of DocCenter?
Brandon: My vision for DocCenter is to move all of our clients away from paper as much as possible. If I had to estimate a percentage of the company's paperwork that could be stored in an e-file environment, I would say almost 100% could be submitted and stored electronically. Since the re-birth of DocCenter, it has undergone a bit of a facelift.

My #1 goal is to make the DocCenter experience one that leaves our clients feeling completely satisfied through personalized customer service and product experience.

Andrew: Developers haven't been known to be fond of the business side of things. Can you articulate to me how the use of DocCenter to eliminate employment paperwork will add value to the environment while creating higher revenue for a staffing company?
Brandon: There are so many things to benefit from the "going green" model. From a standard business model, we all know that paper is clutter in its own way. "Going green" from a staffing company's perspective is a smart move because it creates a leaner budget. The ability to eliminate file cabinets, cutting the cost of paper goes nearly out the window, save on printing costs, and overall creating efficiency. No more shuffling through papers to dig out employment forms. No more standing by the fax to receive confidential employment forms. No more printer cartridges and toners. The list is endless. Consequently, the productivity level in the office increases due to the elimination of old processes that are done manually. All this can be achieved by using DocCenter as a portal for all the employee documents.
Andrew: Do you feel that the staffing industry is ready to embrace the paperless or "green employment" initiative that you are envisioning with DocCenter?
Brandon: My vision for DocCenter is an exciting one for me, mainly because the more clients that get to utilize this tool, the more we get to hear suggestions on how to improve it. I think more than ever we need to harness the tools that we have readily available to us, DocCenter being one of them. To me, it just makes the most sense. Anything can be made electronic, look at history. We have converted everyday jobs to computers; imagine what we can do in the future with DocCenter as a standardized business step. Even better, imagine eliminating paper all together, consequently saving trees!
Andrew: If you were talking to the owner of a staffing company; how would you explain the implemention cost and process of DocCenter?
Brandon: The initial startup cost of DocCenter has significantly decreased due to improvements in the form creation side of DocCenter. Here's a little DocCenter history fact for you: about a year ago it took about eight to nine hours to create a single form. Today, that same amount of time allocation will produce eight to ten forms - a heck of an evolution! Upgrading current clients to newer versions can take anywhere from five minutes to as long as forty five minutes. The only reason for that, is that it really depends on what version they are coming from and how many things have been changed up to that point in the database. For the future of DocCenter, I can only imagine that things will continue to get better and cheaper all around for our clients. That's the part I can't wait for.
Andrew: Brandon, it's been nice talking "green" with you. I look forward to a greener environment as well as talking with you in the near future about your progress; any last words?
Brandon: I encourage everyone to set up a free demo and see for yourself how easy it is to use. On top of that, I challenge you to find a way that the DocCenter suite wouldn't fit into your business model. DocCenter is the next step, a new wave into paperless. Do you see the vision?

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