As you know, I am very happy and satisfied with my working relationship with Tempworks. The people at the corporate office go out of their way to help our people deal with everyday situations and are very responsive to issues that arise. That is something I expect from a vendor and have never been disappointed.

My greatest satisfaction, however, comes from something that I did not expect and have been more than pleasantly surprised and pleased. My background in staffing has been associated with two successful franchise systems. My reasons for working with these organizations was mainly the fact that they funded my payroll and provided most of the "backroom" operations needed to run a staffing business including payroll procedures, software programs, and sales training and management.

After ten years I became sufficiently familiar with the operation of a successful business, but I still needed funding sup

port. By now I was familiar with "factoring companies" and began to explore my options. Most funding companies simply provided financial support based on accounts receivable and left me to my own devices to find payrolling and software options. When I contacted Tempworks I was led to believe that they had the ability to process payroll and take care of taxes and related matters.

After I made the decision to work with Tempworks, I learned that the strength of the company is not simply as a factoring company but also their expertise in creating and customizing software focused specifically on the staffing business. I finally learned that the company started as a technology company and expanded into funding rather than the reverse.

The program that I work with (at no additional charge) is more powerful and robust than any software system offered by either of my previous franchise companies. I coud not be happier with my decision to work with Tempworks.

With appreciation,

Bill Stark
Expert Staffing of Massachusetts


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