If you're looking for that special someone - be it an employee or a lover - you might be better off turning to real people for connections as opposed to dating apps as the latter are going through some tough times.

According to the an analysis today by the WSJ, dating apps are being put through a competitive grinder that makes our hyper-competitive staffing industry look tame:

"Like bunnies, dating apps have shown a knack for proliferation" and they are now "looking for hookups of their own."

This bodes well for the human-touch oriented staffing and recruiting industries whose demise has often been predicted with the advent of job boards and social media over the years.

Jerry Brenholz, CEO of ATR, couldn't have been more prophetic when he wrote here on Staffing Talk a few years ago about the impact of technology on staffing:

"I am very optimistic about the future of our industry and not just because I think we can outperform a software program! I’m bullish because of the profound changes predicted in the 21st century workplace that will continue to make staffing firms necessary and valuable to both companies and workers."

Technology is forcing change, Brenholz wrote, and his answer is to adapt - quickly - to a changing world in which gigs and contingent work continue to replace traditional 'permanent' employment:

"It means I’d better hire additional talented people, more recruiters and account managers, so that I can continue to serve my clients, deliver quality service, and meet the increased demand the future workplace promises."