Senior level staffing executives from all sectors and segments of the European staffing industry have been meeting this week at the first-ever Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum Europe at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in London. And TempWorks exhibited there.

The Executive Forum Europe brought together top industry business leaders and innovators through educational sessions focusing on topics such as offshore recruiting, niche staffing segments, and bridging the cultural divide in a multi-cultural business world. It also provides lots of formal – and informal – networking opportunities. 

“The world is shrinking in many respects,” explains Casey Kraus, EVP, Sales, TempWorks. “And as we begin to view the business more globally, we thought it important to have a presence at the event to better understand the depth and breadth of the changes impacting our industry, not only at home, but abroad.”  

There is also another, slightly more specific reason for being in London. 

“We are looking for a highly driven enterprise sales leader to launch the TempWorks line of software, timeclocks, and payroll funding sales and delivery capabilities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” added Kraus. “So we thought this might be a pretty good place to look for candidates as we continue to execute on a marketing plan for TempWorks in the UK and beyond and refine the TempWorks product line for UK localization.”

It’s fitting that an event in London attended by staffing pros and thought leaders from around the world would feature a session on ways to identify and enter growing markets, such as TempWorks is doing. 

Tim Smeaton, CEO of Hydrogen Group, a London-based global specialist recruitment company that places candidates in over 75 countries, shared his experiences around identifying and succeeding with new niche segments.

“As the recruitment industry matures globally, there’s increased pressure on specialist agencies to spot and extract value from niche segments and geographic regions,” said Smeaton in a release before the event. 

The keynote session Tuesday was provided by management expert Fons Trompenaars. He studied Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam and later earned a Ph.D. from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He experienced cultural differences firsthand at home, where he grew up speaking both French and Dutch, and then later worked with Shell Oil in nine countries.

He now runs a consulting and training company, and is the author of several books, including Riding the Waves of Culture, Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business, that sold over 120,000 copies

“Our overall goal is to help people in organizations develop a shared understanding of business issues, irrespective of the diverse value orientations from which they start, and to help organizations realize the business potential of value differences by integrating them to a common purpose,” says Dr. Trompenaars. 

Sounds like good advice for any company, operating in any corner of the world.