I still use LinkedIn sometimes but it delivers less value for my money with every passing month.

The noise of sponsored applicants renders my job ads less fruitful. Bugs persist in the user interface and it can't even properly count unread messages. Don't get me started on people recommending for inane skills. Who has time for that?

Instead of focusing on much needed quality assurance, LNKD has been out buying hot companies like a brand conscious effete at Oscar de la Renta. Take its purchase of lynda.com for example.  

Nothing wrong with Lynda. My son the guitar player  uses it all the time and gets it free at his music school. But Lynda has a ton of competitors - Pluralsight, CodeSchool, Khan - in a hotly contested, crowded field that draws new startups seemingly every week.  The point being that the $1.5 billion (that is billion with a 'b') LinkedIn paid for it was a desperate and obvious attempt to hide its stalling growth.

Recruiters have long since realized LinkedIn is not social media. Instead, it is, or was, a job board with great marketing shtick behind it that is now getting shredded by newer job boards with even greater marketing shtick - Stack Overflow, CodePen, Github, and, oh yes, Facebook, to name just a few.

Hence the stock crash. Here's my rant: