Some 24,000 staffing companies operate in the USA today, down from 36,000 in the 1999 hayday. Of these, conventional wisdom holds that about 1,000 are actively looking at software options at any particular moment.

How would you go about reaching this rather well-defined target audience? Direct mail? Trade journal ads? Blogging your way to the top of the search engines? Lead generation services? Telemarketing? All of the above? I'd love to hear comments on this, especially from industry veterans.

Always a big believer in the universal applicability of the last business book I read, I was delighted to come across a few resources that deal quite persuasively with this topic of marketing and in particular lead generation:

Brian Carroll keeps a lead generation blog, and in this webcast interview (they call it a podcast - I just haven't bought into that term yet) with MarketingSherpa he develops the importance of an effective 'landing page', a term that I had never heard before and certainly am looking to try out.

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