""Never let a suit do a pirate's job" she tweeted.

She would be Elvina Beck, the entrepreneur behind Podshare, the co-live/co-work startup Mother Jones just featured as the place where living is cheap, but "sex is banned."

And the pirate's job, that would be to disrupt Airbnb's business model with a better one.

I guess.   Really I don't know what to make of Elvina or her entertaining but offensive video below, but I don't think I'll be staying at a Podshare anytime soon and have had a bad experience on Airbnb with something close to a group living arrangement.  

It's not that I'm totally against group sleeping.  Did that in my bohemian days at hostels in Europe and even more recently when my choice for sleep was at a shared room in London for six hours (30 pounds Sterling) or ten times that much at a hotel.

But today, the alternatives are just too good,  like, for example, not trying to live in Los Angeles at all.

Still, Podshare seems legit, at least judging by Twitter activity.   What do you think of her video?