It’s my pleasure to make this my first TempWorks blog update, and I’m especially happy to take advantage of the moment to present a document that represents a lot of hard work that has gone into the TempWorks Labor Hall Dispatcher over the last four five months.

Back when Manpower first contracted with us to build a labor dispatcher in the 1990s, I had little idea of how intense a labor hall can be nor how big a role technology would play in the process.  Nevertheless, here we are in 2011 with an ever-pressing need to make labor dispatching as efficient as can be.

Labor Dispatch Functionality List

Ticket List ( Order)

Shows DNR dialog which all
ows the user to remove DNR from the employee.

Assigned Employees

clip_image014 clip_image016

By selecting a ticket from the Ticket List, the Assigned Employees List will show the current assigned employees for the selected ticket, status of the assigned employees, DNR status, and type of transportation (customizable by the user). By clicking on DNR check-box, a pop out box will appear allowing the user to DNR employee on the current customer ticket location or on all departments of the current customer ticket.

Drag and Drop


Drag and drop allows user to assign employees to tickets by dragging them from the workers here dialog and either dropping them on a ticket or assigned employees for the current ticket.

Assignment Result Status ( preliminary)


Shows the result of the assignment operation (either by drag and drop or context menu)

Repeat Ticket


Repeat date and required quantity can be changed. DNR prevents repeat check-box to be enabled.

The user can un-DNR from here.

Pay Ticket


Pop out box allows to enter preset hours and takes the user to the assignment screen below.


View Order


Shows ticket detailed information.

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